Saturday, 25 February 2012

Webpage Development

This is the first page of our webpage. We used the font 'OptimusPrincePS', because it looks similar to the font used on our poster and teaser trailer. The font is simple but looks somewhat gothic with slight serifs that makes the text appear more old fashioned. The font is white with red shadowing across it, connoting smudges of blood. Both pieces of text have effects to make them slightly glow red, again suggesting the supernatural nature of the film. The Enter Site link also has an effect so that it slightly expands when hovered over with a mouse, making the site more interactive and inviting. When clicked, the Enter Site button takes the viewer to the next main webpage.

This is the developed main webpage. We used the same font for all text. The title is the largest text, and it is white with an effect that makes it glow red with a slight reflection underneath it. The rest of the text on the page is white, so that the title stands out. The symbol in the bottom left of the page has been edited to make it slightly blurred and grey, and we are pleased with the way this looks against the background and coupled with the white text. The slight blurring of the symbol also links with the blurred effect on the face and ties into the mysterious element of the film.

-Post and first draft webpage by Emily

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