Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Choosing fonts for our title

First we looked at fonts used by other horror films, especially ones in the same sub genre of possessive/supernatural films.

Mirrors 2 uses a quite a simplistic, clear font, capital letters and just uses white in a bold casing. However it has been stylised to look as though the two Rs are reflected with one another, which links to idea of titles' names that relate to the theme of the film. As we liked this idea quite a lot, we tried to match these characteristics to our own title font; we tried to use a font that was similar to the wording on our ouija board that we use in our trailer to make the link between our title, font and plot.

After looking at the font used by the television series Supernatural, which like its name suggests, is about supernatural creatures. We decided to to use a font similar this, called 'Sell Your Soul'. We feel that our font does relate to the stereotypical fonts of Supernatural/Possessive films, and suits our film, so we are very happy with it.

- Rhiannon

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