Monday, 20 February 2012

House Mise En Scene

Through examining the 'Skins' trailer, we decided on the best mise en scene for the party scene. As most of our shots are mid shots and close ups, the mise en scene cannot be seen most of the time, but we used alcohol bottles and cans around the living room to suggest the amount that they had been drinking to show their levels of intoxication. The room will have low level lighting to reflect
the girls' disorientation and lack of awareness, and also accentuate the audience's confusion. The variety in alcohol containers also reflects their lack of sophistication and control over themselves, as they mix different kinds of alcohol. This adds to the idea of corruption and maintains the irresponsible perception of teenagers in today's society, which links to the audience's sense of justice that may occur when the girls are haunted and perhaps killed.

During the seance scene, the main feature of the mise en scene will be the ouija board in the centre of the room with the girls in a circle around it, although in some shots the alcohol containers can still be seen around them to keep the party atmosphere fresh in the audience's minds. The ouija board is dark and traditional in appearance, with symbols around the outside that emphasise the gothic nature of the item and hint at the ominous supernatural element. The board contrasts against the pale carpet, making it appear more noticeable and hinting at the dark magic being used, and starting to tip the equilibrium of the girls' lives into disequilibrium as the ouija board takes over their lives.

Throughout the rest of the shots as the hauntings begin occuring, the mise en scene of the rooms are not really seen due to low level lighting that creates intense shadows and makes the rooms appear more threatening. The walls and furnishings can sometimes be seen to the extent that they are clearly still normal, but the events taking place in front of them contrasts this and makes the audience feel discomfort as the expected safety is subverted.


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