Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Poster Initial Editing of Selected Image

This is the initial editing of the selected image. We have mainly used the editing software of Adobe Photoshop. The image has been editing in a similar way to the test edit in terms of making the eyes appear unnaturally coloured and textured. More edits have been included by making the hair appear greasy and heightening the contrast so that the colours and flaky quality of the skin are harsher. This makes the face appear very decayed and unnatural, casting a very clear idea of the supernatural. It could be said to be similar to some zombie images, but this still links to the decayed impression that we want to create. The editing around the eyes has also heightened the shadows around them created by the make up and pose, making the girl appear very ominous and abnormal. We are pleased with this initial edit and will use similar techniques to create texture wording next to the image for the poster. This image could be improved through editing by making the shoulders more shadowed so that it is not as obvious that they are still normal in colour, as it looks somewhat strange currently.

-Emily (post)
-Meg (photograph and edits)

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