Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Poster Test Shots Edited

This is the selected shot with test edits and the initial layout plan. We have used photo editing software Adobe Photoshop and Picnik.com in order to create the effects of the strange eyes. The texture of the skin was also used behind the wording in order to produce a continued theme of colour and decay while also standing out due to the light colour. The face is close to the camera as it leans forward, making it appear more threatening to the audience, and this is emphasised through its stare straight out of the poster. According to the rule of thirds, the main features of the girl and the title and date of release are in the middle of the image. The tagline and other information is below in the bottom right hand corner. The background is black so that nothing except the title and face are shown, revealing very little about the narrative and portraying the darkness of the threat as it comes forward.
We were pleased with this test poster as it appeared effective in the positioning and make up of the girl. The placement of the title also looks good next to the face, showing it to be significant equally with the face of the girl. We liked the basic nature of the poster as it was not too cluttered with information that could lessen the impact of the image or the title of the film. The tagline plays into the title as it refers to the idea of paying for sins while undergoing penance, showing a definite religious or spiritual theme to the film. The repetitive nature of the date also looks appealing. The poster could be improved through the use of more editing on the face to make it appear even more unnatural, and perhaps by incorporating a different font that appears more striking and gothic.

-Emily (post)
-Meg (photograph and editing)

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