Saturday, 25 February 2012


It was important to select the right kind of ouija board prop as it is integral to our story and the pivotal moment of the trailer is a shot of the board. This is the ouija board prop that we used in our teaser trailer and from which we used elements for the webpage. We found this on We selected this ouija board in particular because it looks old fashioned due to the font and golden brass colouring. We also really like the multiple symbols and images all over it, as they make it very clearly a supernatural and spiritual thing. They could also be linked to witchcraft, which will make the girls seem more corrupt. The board is also large enough to seem realistic but not so large that it became impractical to work with. The planchette that came with the board is metallic and pointed, which we like as it does not look very cheap so is believably an old artefact or real object of black magic.

Other props included were not as important as the ouija board, and most of the trailer did not focus on secondary props and instead followed what was happening to the girls themselves. We did this so that the trailer seemed more shocking and harsh while the girls suffered as opposed to seeing shots of objects. However some props were necessary, such as red lipstick and cigarettes in the first section of the trailer in order to emphasise the girls' corruption. We purposefully used a brand of lipstick that is like a pen instead of conventional lipstick in order to show the girls as materialistic and wealthy, as 'lip pens' such as this product are quite recent and advertised as fashionable. A vodka bottle is used in particular in the shot of a girl drinking from the bottle in order to show their lack of moderation and by extension the irresponsible nature of the girls.The lack of intelligent behaviour from the girls also makes it believable that they may be unable to protect themselves later, which could create fear or anticipation from the audience. Other than the vodka bottle, there are also many other alcoholic bottles and cans in the party scenes, again showing their irresponsibility.
Once disequilibrium has occurred, the prop of a knife is used. This physical weapon contrasts with the previously passive props and shows the shift in power in the film as the girls become victims. It also represents the more masculine characteristics of the girl holding the knife, and suggests that she may be able to protect herself and defeat the spirit. We have done this in accordance with the Final Girl theory, showing her to be more resourceful and courageous than the other girls who are only seen becoming victims. The other prop seen in the later shots of the trailer is red lipstick being used to write on a mirror. This is used to directly contrast with the lip pen used earlier, but instead of being used to make oneself appear more attractive, it is being used to repeatedly write "pay". This again represents the complete disequilibrium that has fallen, as the girls' materialistic lives have been taken over by the spirit and the power has shifted so that they now have no control. More traditional lipstick is used in the shot instead of the lip pen to reflect the old fashioned and gothic nature of the spirit and portray how unimportant the girls' materialism is.


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