Monday, 20 February 2012

Shot Inspiration - St Trinians

One of the inspirations we have used is the shot in 'St Trinians' in which the girls walk across London in a line, which was edited into slow motion in order to emphasise their confidence and attractiveness. This inspired us to create the same effect at the beginning of our trailer which shows the girls walking out of the school. We first do not edit the girls walking, and they are in a line to show the leader to be walking in the middle centre. After a few other shots, the girls begin walking again, in the same formation with the leader at the front, and at this point we have made it slow motion in order to emphasise their confident sexuality and style. It is done to match the beat of the parallel soundtrack in order to add to the effect which shows them to be fashionable girls. It also extends the moment of realisation at the girls' corruption in order to show it to be more important, as it will link with their punishments for lack of morality later in the film.

This is the shot of the characters walking that was inspired by the 'St Trinians' girls. It worked quite well in terms of the slow motion shot and their confident walk, showing their characters. We felt it successfully emulated the 'St Trinians' style of uniform and disrespect for authority.


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