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Case Studies of Ouija Boards

We researched case studies written by those that reported using ouija boards and experienced hauntings due to this, in order to get ideas for the events of our film. It also highlighted the theme of ouija boards in our culture as popular, as there were many reported uses of them. These case studies support other ideas of possession commonly used in cinema such as the air growing colder, physically being pushed and unexplained marks around the house. These would therefore be useful motifs to include in our trailer.

  • In 2001 we lost two basketball players from our high school by fatal car accident. My two best friends were very close to the one, and I shared saxophone music with the other.
    A few years after the accident I decided to get a Ouija board and have everyone over. We had never used one before but knew how it worked. I'm not sure who brought up the two boys but we started asking it questions only we would know. Their jersey numbers, nick names, and full names were all answered correctly. In between correct answers the marker would circle the board rapidly and eventually fly off.
    It came down to one in particular question. My friend Jake took his hands off the marker and I said, "No one in this room knows this but me, so I'm taking my hands off to see if this is for real." He then asked,"Who does Brandon consider to be his best friend?" Immediately the board spelled out the correct answer. Almost simultaneously my eyes started to water uncontrollably, I wasn't scared or crying. I look to my left and right and both Jakes and his brothers eyes started watering also. I threw the board back into the box and on the way to take my girlfriend home I threw it out the window by the highway. I don't think I'll ever touch a Ouija board again.
    Written by Michael Sullivan, Copyright 2009
  • We were happy on how our game worked so I took it to my friends house, and we played it in her kitchen. I asked it if it could show us if the spirit or something was there or not, and the board replied YES. About five minutes later my sister went all twitchy, her head leaned back slightly and she started to laugh at nothing. Me and my buddy were just confused, and she hit her head on the table lightly and she went back to normal, only she said that she left like floating but only she felt like she was going to faint but was OK. We didn't know what was going on so we just quit playing.
    Now crows are attacking her whenever she goes out on her own. We have no clue that it might be the board or if it's something else. But the bottom line is that the board can be somewhat true, but I still need a lot of convincing.
  • Well, wouldn't you believe it! Not only did the planchette move to "yes", but the air grew cold as if we were all in a freezer. The scariest thing though was that within minutes of my calling out to the spirits, every single light went off at the same time. Everyone broke the circle after that, and ran screaming from the closet like it was on fire!
  • I played a ouija board back in 1996, My ex wife became possessed and we had to go to the hospital. Her body couldn't stop moving. After that we had a evil spirtit around us she seen red eyes, I heard loud bangs on our wallls seen moving objects. and we had very bad luck. I believe the spirit is stil inside her because she is still EVIL. I know the ouija is NOT a game. I tell people to STAY AWAY from it. I know its real and its evil......
  • I and my boyfriend played on the Ouija board for days cant start to describe to you what happened only my house was full of evil spirits 7 if I can remember right no 1 could c them only me and my boyfriend they was all on the walls then I tried to go up stairs and did not c the spirit but it blocked my way and pushed me back then 1 evening the corner of my room the ceiling its was like someone was putting leaky wires together it was like lightning and buzzing we got a priest in and he felt them straight away but we ended fleeing the property because they would not go please never play the board I was very ill for a long time and it still affects me to this day and that was 20 years ago. 
  • We put everything up, and all went to bed. That night I had a nightmare, almost vividly real. I rarely dream, and if I do, don’t remember them well. This dream I still remember faintly. I was like I was on a purple cloud of some sort, with this old woman in a dark cloak of some kind, with her back to me, I never saw here face, and I was just standing there all night staring at here, this just kept happening over and over in my dream, not much of anything else. Nothing really scary, just strange, but I remember not sleeping well and was kinda hot, not so much like a fever, but just hot and sweaty.
    When I woke up the next morning, my girlfriend, told me that I had deep scratches on my back, as I sat up in bed, as if someone had scratched me with long finger nails, across my shoulder blades, and they were slightly bleeding. And no it wasn’t Kristen. I looked in the mirror and I was completely taken aback by the scratches. I instantly believed everything that Kristen had told me about here Ouija board stories and spirits, especially about the old evil woman, that supposedly followed her around. I became a true believer in evil spirits after that night and day.
  • I looked in the bathroom mirror and my pupils looked a little bigger than normal, and were very slowly getting bigger, so called my friend into the bathroom and said look at this what's wrong with me, she was like " that's crazy" I could feel my pupils moving across my eyes as they were expanding, my heart beat a little faster I started feeling really hot, but as my body's signs were racing my mind felt calm, as though I wasn't scared or I was really messed up on drugs, but aware of what was going on.
    At this time I couldn't move I just stared at my eyes, which were now fully black, I didn't think to talk or move or run I just stared, I could hear my friend talking but I wasn't listening to her, then the hotness got even hotter. I felt really dry like my entire body was dehydrated, and got the feeling you would get if you heard someone you love just died the feeling of your heart dropping, I could see my face turning white, it started at the top of my forehead and continued down my face, I saw my skin coloring changing like it was draining down my face, my friend was yelling at me now "what's wrong with you?!" at that time she grabbed me to pull me away from the mirror, when she grabbed my arm she immediately let me go and said "oh my god your on fire, I'm going to call 911" as she said that, I got lifted off the floor and thrown sideways into her toilet, the back of the toilet flew off as for the rest of the stuff on it, lifted up again and thrown into the bathtub taking the shower curtain and rod with me. I was being thrown around its like I'm getting my butt kicked but I don't feel a thing.
    I was picked up again and thrown back into the floor, I could see my friend still in the doorway with a horror look on her face, but I was still calm even though I was in a fight and being thrown around by nothing and losing, I still felt like I was okay, lying on the floor my friend reached in and grabbed the back of my shirt and jerked me out of the bathroom.
  •  I asked if your hear with us, do u like us living here, the shot glass went to yes. I said, can you say my name into the recorder? The shot glass went to yes, I said go ahead and say my name. We heard nothing, my daughter and I were quiet to give it time to do so, I then asked did you say it? and the shot glass went to yes. I then asked a few more questions, found out they were both in there 80′s and found out the mlk, stood for May, that’s all she would say. I asked if they were nice ghosts and she said yes, I said do you make noises in the house to try and let us know your hear, and she said yes but didn’t want to scare us. I then said you do know if I ever see you I would move out. and the shot glass went to yes I know, and then moved to, we don’t want to scare you. I said yes I would be scared.
    Well we finally quit the game and I went outside to smoke and when I came back my daughter said she was listening to the tape and she said you can hear a woman’s voice on it. I said no way… she said ya, listen, she “May” didn’t answer by voice to all of my questions but when I asked her to say my name, you can hear right after I ask, someone or “her” saying Cindy, perfect as day, and then when I asked, you know I’d move if I ever seen you, you can her a, yes, right after that.
    At the end when we were closing out I had said if your nice and you don’t scare us, you can stay but I don’t want to see you or we will move out of here, and then you can hear, a yes… it was only me and my daughter in the room and every time we asked a question we were both quiet, you can even hear the glass sliding in the recorder cause we weren’t talking, so that freaked me out that you can hear her voice on the tape. 

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