Saturday, 25 February 2012

Initial Webpage Design Development

This is the initial plan for our webpage, as posted earlier.

We decided to develop the plan further, creating new webpage images.

This is the entry page we decided to include, as we found in our webpage deconstructions that it was common for some form of loading screen or entry page to introduce the webpage. We do not want it to be too complex, so will have a black background with red and white text in the centre. This follows the colour scheme of many of the films we have examined, as red is often a key on the page. The Enter Site link will be slightly animated with a flash to draw attention to it and show the supernatural element to the film we are advertising. By introducing this Enter Site hyperlink on the first page we will no longer need it on the main page as we had originally intended. There will also be options in the corner to share the webpage on various social networking sites, linking to the strong online presence of our target audience and gaining free advertising as the webpage is shown on other websites. This would broaden our audience.

This is the main page plan. It has the same black background and includes the same ability to share the webpage in the same position at the bottom of the page. Other webpages include a main image, often using the same or similar image on the film poster. The image is also often the main character or being of the film, so we are going to use the edited image of a girl being possessed by the antagonistic being with ouija board lettering covering her face. This is the same image we have used for the poster. We have decided to place the image in the centre of the page so that it is the main focus, and the girl appears more threatening. The layout is quite similar to the initial plan, with the hyperlinks and trailer surrounding the main image. We have decided that the three hyperlinks in the bottom left hand corner will be laid out on each point of the symbol that is in the centre of the ouija board prop we used. This is to tie into the gothic supernatural genre and make the layout more themed.

-Post and webpage design by Emily

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