Saturday, 25 February 2012

Final Webpage

The entry page of the website has remained the same as we liked the simplicity of it.

We have kept the black background in order to relate to the black background of the poster, showing the threat and mystery of the events in the film. The title text of the page has remained at the top in the centre, clearly standing out against the rest of the information on the page. The share options are also in the same place. Effects have been added so that when they are hovered over with the mouse they slightly expand and glow red, in the same way as the links that run down the left hand side of the page. These links are in a straight line down the side as they are now clearly organised and the page is much more easily navigated. We made the decision to add more links so that more of the page could be explored, and removed the option to see a plot synopsis as the issue was raised that a synopsis should not be available before the film has been released. The font is quite large in order to draw attention and clearly mark the different options. We have placed the option to pre-order the DVD at the top of the list, making it slightly larger than the other hyperlinks and underlining the text so that it is set apart from them. This is to encourage people to pre-order the DVD of the film in order to maximise revenue from it.

The layout has changed in that the teaser trailer has been moved into the centre of the page, with the tagline of the film and the release date underneath it. This makes the viewer more likely to watch the trailer as it is the centre of attention on the page, instead of being put to the side in the other layout. This acts to broaden our audience by encouraging more people to watch the trailer and hopefully become interested by what they see. The tagline underneath emphasises what the trailer shows, while the release date reminds the viewer of the possibility of seeing the film. We have moved the symbol from the side into the lower centre, behind the text. This looks much more aesthetically pleasing as it is is straight and frames the text. We decided that we would keep the symbol instead of removing it because we liked the involvement of secondary images on the page and thought that this relates well to the supernatural and ideas of the occult. We moved the main image of the girl to the side. The image is still quite large so that it remains clear that it is important, but we think that it works better framing the other information instead of vice versa. Although we liked the threatening positioning in the centre of the page, we think that this placement makes her appear somewhat predatory, so it remains equally effective. This layout also follows the idea of the rule of thirds, as we have separated the page into vertical thirds which aids its clarity and appeal.

We made the decision not to include a soundtrack of music on the page, as we wanted it to remain silent except for the teaser trailer when played. This is to keep the focus of the viewer on the trailer, and maintain an eerie silence when it is not playing. We hope that this will emphasise the effectiveness of the trailer in order to make it seem more interesting. We are very pleased with our new layout, and prefer it to the original one.

-Post and final webpage by Emily

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