Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Poster Photo Shoot

We organised a photo shoot with the real girl that would be appearing in the poster as opposed to a test subject and repeated the make up on her face. We tried out different poses with this girl to see if she looked more effective in a different pose to the test subject, although they were all quite similar. Meg took the actual pictures as her expertise from Art and Design meant she was the most capable, as well as creating the makeup itself. Emily and Rhiannon gave character motivation to the model and suggested appropriate poses and expressions.

In this image the girl is leaning forward as in the test images, as we thought that this looked predatory and interesting. This again creates the idea of coming out of the darkness, which is a theme we are keen to include in the finished poster. However, the face needs to be more down-turned in order to create darker shadows across the face, as in this image her face is quite light, making her appear less threatening.

In this image the girl is leaning away from the camera and pulling a slightly snarling face in order to try and express a more animalistic quality. However, this does not work very well as it makes her shoulders too visible and does not make her look very threatening. Although the face is unusual, it does not have the same intensity as a closed mouth stare so is not as effective. As the girl is leaning away from instead of into the camera, it does not create the same feeling of invasion, which was part of the discomfort we were trying to create in the poster.

This is the most successful pose that we found, as the girl is leaning towards the camera and therefore inciting the predatory nature we wanted. She has also tipped her head forward in order to cast some shadows across the face, especially around the eyes. This makes her appear much more ominous, and her stare appears more intense. Her head is tilted very slightly to the side, making her seem slightly animalistic in her movements, and therefore showing her humanity to have been somewhat lost. We will use a pose similar to this one for our poster.

-Emily (post)
-Meg (photographs)

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