Monday, 20 February 2012

Party Scene - Skins

For our party scene we want to examine the mise en scene and effects used to create the atmosphere. We have looked at television party scenes in order to take inspiration from multiple platforms during our media piece.

The scene we considered was the trailer for series one of Skins , a drama about teenagers in England. It was therefore an important inspiration as it related to a similar type of characters to our film. The trailer uses lots of quick straight cuts in order to show the fast pace of the party and also suggest their intoxicated perceptions of what they are doing, in that they have little control or thought over what they are doing. The fast shots also show a range of actions and a large number of people, reflecting their energy and enjoyment of partying. The shots are mainly mid shots and close ups to reflect the personal nature of the party between friends, and showing their exposed actions that they carry out in front of others such as stripping or kissing. This therefore reflects a lack of privacy in their actions, perhaps linking to confidence, or again a lack of control or care.

Shots of corrupt actions other than drinking, such as taking drugs, are shown, reflecting their personalities and their freedom as young people. It reflects the common perception of young people as irresponsible party goers that are not sensible, therefore playing into stereotypes in order to create ideas as to the subject of the television series. The shots keep returning to some characters in order to show their importance and suggest that they will be main characters in the series. At some points flickering lights are used to show strobe lighting, reflecting the party atmosphere and creating a sense of disorientation for the audience as they try to follow what is occurring. This creates a similar sense of confusion for the audience to what the characters may be feeling due to their intoxication, so creates interest in the audience as they want to find out what happens.

The camera is mainly kept steady, following the action but not taking part in it. It does not appear to be handheld so that the audience can see some of what is happening. As the music builds the cuts become more fast paced and show the increased intensity of the characters as they begin arguing and throwing up due to their partying. This continues to build until the music stops and the shot lingers on the main characters lying on a bed asleep or passed out, showing the climax of their evening. Incidentally, the costumes of the characters appear stylish and physically appealing, although in some cases they are taken off to reveal underwear, showing the promiscuity of the characters involved.

The party scene from 'Skins', although a trailer so somewhat different to actual party scenes from the series, still applies to our film as it is for our teaser trailer so we will use similar techniques to show small parts of the party. However, since our trailer only consists of a small amount of partying it is more difficult to give as much detail as this trailer has used. However, we are going to use similar effects for our trailer with fast cuts between different shots. We have decided that instead of using straight cuts we will use a fading effect between the shots, in order to suggest the girls' intoxication and therefore lack of awareness of their surroundings. This effect slightly mimics their drunk state, so creates a similar feeling of disorientation in the audience watching so that they are more involved with the scene and by extension the characters.
We are also going to use similar shots of mid shots and close ups in order to show the intense and personal party, as well as emphasising their lack of inhibitions. The camera will be similarly used with steady movements showing the party and not shaking in a way that hinders the understanding too much. Although mainly dancing, we are also including some corrupt actions other than drinking, in the form of an extreme close up of two girls kissing. This plays into boarding school stereotypes and shows their lack of inhibitions. It also emphasises that they are modern teenagers in that they are more sexually free and confident. The extreme close up shot is similar to recurring shots in the trailer that show kisses taking place, referring to the intimate nature of the kiss.
Our trailer will similarly build up during the party scene before reaching a climax when the girls start to use the ouija board, and we will use longer shots in a similar way to the trailer and fade out the music to create a sudden stop in the previously fast tempo. This will make the audience more attentive as the sudden change shows something important to be happening.


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