Monday, 20 February 2012

Party Costumes

For the party scene, we wanted the leader of the group to be all in black to support the idea that she is interested in gothic ideas, as was suggested by her school uniform. We have used a black vest top which is low cut in order to show her arms and chest, and a short black leather skirt with black tights underneath. This reveals a lot of her flesh but also shows her dark character through the dark colour. It could therefore suggest something more corrupt about her character which could be revealed in later events. She also has the band on her arm that was seen earlier to show that she has been to music festivals and is therefore more of a free spirit.
Her hair is curly and worn down around her shoulders, with some make up although it is not very heavy. The most prominent part of her make up is the eye liner which is heavier towards the edges of her eyes and flicks out, an expressive style that could be linked with gothic fashions.

This costume is brighter than the other girl's costume, although the colours are still quite dark to suggest a dark personality, or to foreshadow the events that will come. The clothes are plain except for the colours, suggesting a less appearance-conscious character, which was also shown earlier through the use of a vest under her school blouse to so that her bra was not visible. The dark maroon or red colour of her short skirt could be considered to connote the idea of blood and anger, while its length reveals her legs in tights. It shows her to have a nice figure, which is also shown through the dark blue top that reveals her d├ęcolletage and arms. The use of accessories such as her ring and bands around her wrist make her more believable as a character and show her to be stylish. Her hair is styled and down, while her make up is again minimal but focused around the eyes.

This costume shows the character to be more child-like in her dress due to the polka dot pattern, relating to her small size. This links to the knee high socks that she wore with her school uniform and show her to be a more vulnerable character, which could incite more feelings of fear for the character when the spirit begins attacking and therefore make the audience more invested. The dress is black and white, again using some dark colour in her costume, with a black belt to emphasise her figure. She is also wearing black tights. The higher neckline and bigger sleeves hide some of her skin, again showing her to be more child-like, although the short hem of the skirt shows a factor of her personality that is provocative. She also has accessories of bands, bracelets and rings. She has styled crimped hair worn down around her shoulders, and minimal make up except for eye liner. However her make up cannot easily be seen as she is wearing glasses. The connotations of glasses are often linked with 'nerdiness' and naivety, relating to the child-like vulnerability she has.

This costume is also dark, as it is grey. It is a dress that is baggy around the middle, somewhat hiding her figure. This is a reference to her school uniform earlier which consisted of a baggy blouse, showing her to place less importance on appearance and be more confident. The dress has patterning across the top of crystal style beads, and detailing down the fabric, supporting the idea that she is wealthy and can afford nice dresses, while again showing her to be more confident and exuberant in her dress sense. The dress, although baggy, is low cut and short, showing her chest, arms and legs and therefore supporting the idea of both confidence and promiscuity. She has few accessories, but her hair is styled and her has dark make up focused on her eyes again. The constant focus of the girls' make up on their eyes is related to the current style of make up in which the eyes are often accentuated, showing them to be modern and fashionable.

This is the costume of the main protagonist, who will survive the events of the film. Her dress is much brighter than the other girls' costumes with bright blue colours, immediately setting her apart from them and showing her to be a brighter and less corrupt person and therefore suggesting that she could deserve to live while the other characters did not. This is also portrayed through the flower pattern on the skirt, connoting grace and nature. The top of her dress is black and shows some of her d├ęcolletage, although the arms have black lace in order to hide some of her flesh while also appearing fashionable and suggests a gothic interest that could link with the ouija board. She is wearing black tights that also somewhat hide her legs, although her skirt is short enough to show them, making her appear stylish and showing a link in costume with her other friends. She has a necklace with an owl pendant, immediately showing her to be  a quirkier character than the others, perhaps in what could be considered a 'nerdy' style. This would support the idea of her being less corrupt than the others, while also suggesting that she is smart enough to survive the events of the haunting. Owls are also a recent  trend in fashion, and are often used in accessories such as necklaces or purses, so this also shows her to be a stylish and therefore aspirational character. Her hair is more natural than the others as it isn't styled as heavily, and her make up, although also focused around the eyes, is minimal.


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