Friday, 9 March 2012

Vermillion, Part 1

The use of cutting to create a juddering movement in a character features in a number of trailer with a theme of possession. Music video Vermillion Part 1, by the band Slipknot demonstrates the expression of its unnatural nature through a slightly different production type. This reference is in from a film but is much more obviously used than the often very subtle apllication in trailers such as 'The Haunting in Connecticut'.
The sequence follows a young woman suffering intense isolation; this is portrayed through time lapse photography. She remains alone as the world moves on without her; she is unable to connect with the rest of the world. She is out of touch and vulnerable. This interesting method of filming was focused entirely on the actor and gives an eerie and quite disturbing look into the characters life. 
This method worked incredibly well with the suggestion of possession and was easily achieve through cutting, reversing and disordering and piece of footage of a close up of one of our characters.



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