Friday, 9 March 2012

The Craft Trailer Deconstruction

Only a theatrical trailer was ever created for the 1996 film The Craft, nevertheless there are many elements of the film that have influenced our production. Although the overall structure of this trailer with numerous shots lasting more than a few seconds could be considered fairly slow paced, there are many that our piece parallels. The Craft trailer is ordered in the following way;
·         Introduction of school environment and “the other kids” by voiceover
·         Creates a distinction between main characters and everyone else
·         Highlights discrimination and prejudice suffered at the hands of their peers, they are social outcasts
·         First time main characters are fazed by mistreatment is when weaker of the group is rejected by a boy on the grounds of her association with her friendship group. Popular girls snigger as she pleads.
·         Her anger at being undermined as shared by the group and they resolve to get their own back using black magic and truly living up to their stereotype, making it their strength.
·         The magic becomes real, the last two thirds of the trailer features a sequences of shots involving rituals, controlling their peers with the magic and the possible ill consequences of their actions in the form of an explosion, a car accident, the girls being sick with power and many more.
There is also very familiar mise en scene that can be expected of two films featuring schoolgirls and dark forces. This resonates mostly in the costuming of the characters.
·         White shirts
·         Black skirts
·         Knee socks/tights
·         Long hair
·         Individual changes in each character costumes, dressed alike but not the same
·         Figure enhancing outfits
·         Similar number in the group
·         Use of makeup/jewellery

The editing of The Craft used includes transitions that are majority straight cuts; however, the shots fade into each other during scenes of magic rituals. We have used slow motion in a similar way, during a group walking shot to enhance the perceived power that the girls have.

Effective shots
This shot demonstrates the rejection of the group by the school community. Their dark clothes juxtapose a bright, religiously themed mural in the background and even the canteen food in the foreground. They do not partake even in the activity of eating school food, preferring to watch the others in what obviously seems like mass conformity.

The close up profile of each of the girls is shown against the background of the sea, they fade into each other. They are united in their mission and yet are still individuals in their own right. The location disagrees with the implication of what their peers may believe
about their actions of witchcraft being against God and therefore nature. It almost suggests that they are using powers provided by the Earth to aid them, making them morally superior despite what wrongful actions they may partake in.

This close up shot demonstrates the use of their powers for trivial purposes, reminding the audience that despite the magic, they are still just teenage girls. It also reminds of their friendship, their laughter is relatable and the audience can appreciate the bond between the girls and share in their fun.

The bird’s eye view shot and contrapuntal sound of thunder almost suggests a higher power is watching them, ready to grant their prayers. The location and arrangement of the scene suggests pagan origins to their ritual and that the girls are united as one in their beliefs and power. However, the shadow of a figure to the right suggests they are being watched. This person is not part of the group and presents to them a danger.

This point of view shot focuses on the glass falling and then smashing on the floor. Out of focus are, we assume, one of the group’s feet, wear white socks stained with red. The floor and inside of the glass also has splattering of red, suggesting blood and a grim outcome to the use of their magic. Not only that but the possibility of the consumption of blood, intriguing the viewer.

This shot is effective because of the suggestion of lesbianism. Not only is the scene titillating but the audience experiences a kind of voyeurism in watching two girls interact semi clothed in an outside environment. It is ambiguous to whether this action is to do with their powers or something else. The presence of just the two of them in this intimate act would suggest something else.


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