Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Haunting in Connecticut Poster Deconstruction

The very top segment features the phrase ‘based on true events’, something an audience may see as a unique selling point when deciding whether or not to pay to see the film. Not only will the film evoke a reaction in the viewer but because is ‘true’ it is that much more relatable to real life, make the horror that much more horrifying.
The eye is immediately drawn to the brightest portion of the poster, a triangle of light cast in a dark shadow. Religious connotations spring from the crucified stance of the figure in the centre of the triangle. This iconic position is unmistakable in its reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; the audience knows therefore, that religion will play a part in the spiritual events. He appears to be floating, also indicating an association with the supernatural.
The main figure is wearing clothing is a style that suggests he lived at least a century ago. This information could mean that he lost his life as a reason of the haunting, that he is the spirit that causes disruption in the film, or both. His position, flowing above the other figures, suggests that it is he they are channelling, between this and his period clothing it is almost certain that he is dead.
The entire post is in sepia such as an aged photograph or environment light solely by candles. This confirms that the haunting is not a new event, the viewer will see yet more victims fall prey to what threat lurks in this house in Connecticut. It is also evident from the trailer that photographs of the séances play an important role in raising suspicions of the present of the supernatural. The sepia effect confirms this recurring theme.
The tag line lies between the hanging figure and the scene of séance. “What if the only explanation for what you saw, was unbelievable?”The phrasing coupled with the images featured on the poster give the line much more meaning. The audience knows vaguely that what is being seen could be someone long dead and that the only explanation is a present of a supernatural force. The position of the text is in the centre and relatively small, this is to draw the viewer in and to look deeper at the image below it. This is also achieved by the use of triangles, namely that to the light above and shape created by the floor/walls below.
The scene of a séance come just below the centre line, this activity is the centre of the plot. The two figures in the foreground hold hands as we assume that the others are, the presence of this however suggests that these two have entered into a romantic relationship. The two younger figures in the background are teenagers, the young woman is conventional attractive as shown by her cleavage. All but one figure have eyes closed with their heads down turned, the other looks up. His dark shirt gives the impression that his head is floating, he is the protagonist and he is the object of the supernatural’s interest.
The title, ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’, puts emphasis on the word ‘Haunting’ by simply making it the largest word. The specificity of ‘in Connecticut’ suggests that this is not the only haunting and that there are others in similar areas.

- Meg

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