Friday, 18 November 2011

School Girl Costume Experimentation

With one of our characters, we experimented with different ways of wearing her shirt to best show her personality. This is in relation to the private school uniforms post previously published, inspired by our research into private school costumes.

Experiment 1: 

We tied this shirt at the bottom, but thought that it looked much too 'pirate-y' and not at all like school uniform. It also did not seem stylish enough for the character to wear when they are supposed to be quite trendy.

Experiment 2:
We tucked the blouse into the skirt for this experiment, but we thought that it looked too simple and was not as flattering to our actor as it could be. The proportions of the skirt and blouse also look slightly wrong.

Experiment 3: CHOSEN SHIRT
We kept the shirt tucked into the skirt, but coupled it with a large belt. We thought that this looked good because it makes the uniform look interesting and stylish. It also shows the character to be confident.

- Emily

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