Friday, 18 November 2011

Private Schoolgirl Costumes

The main ideas for the costumes of the characters in the beginning were white shirts, short black skirts, ties and long socks or black tights. We let the actors customise their outfits according to the personalities of their characters, and to what we felt looked best on each girl as they are all different heights and sizes. The characters' outfits do seem to fit in well with the stereotypes of a private school girl, or even just a uniform, so that it is clear to the audience that the girls are leaving school, and they do go to a posh/private school.

This is a group shot of our characters. They are all wearing their hair down and styled, showing their materialistic traits. They are all styled slightly differently to show their personalities and also give a sense of disregard for the school dress code. Their make up is natural with some eye-liner, so that they appear somewhat respectable. This will be completely changed when they leave the school and put on heavier make up (and carry out other corrupt actions), shocking the audience and revealing their characters. The architecture behind them shows large old fashioned school, setting against their characters.

This is the girl that we have made the leader of the friendship group. To show this we have made her uniform more obviously customised, and made her personal style more noticeably gothic. This is seen in her rosary beads, festival band and dark hair. The gothic styling will link to her character introducing a ouija board later in the narrative. Her shirt is tight to show her figure and the outline of her bra, suggesting a promiscuous and feminine nature. When her shirt is later unbuttoned, it naturally opens to reveal a black bra, linking to the idea of promiscuity and also her gothic style. She is wearing a tight pencil skirt, inspired by  'St Trinians'  style clothing, portraying her as stylish and attractive.

This character's costume consists of a loose fitting shirt that is slightly transparent so that a bright red bra is visible. The red colour is linked with sexual confidence, portraying her character as confident. This is also shown by her short skirt and large belt, making her uniform customisation obvious. We wanted this look for her because she is the louder and more assured personality in the friendship group. Her shirt is loosely tucked into the skirt and the sleeves are roughly rolled back, showing her to be secure and not care about how other people see her.

This character has a small quite loose blouse tucked into a tight skirt that shows her figure. The black thigh high socks are often linked with school girls and sexuality, and thus represent her as flirtatious. The black high heeled shoes accentuate her legs and show her to be stylish. Her small frame and thigh high socks could imply that she is child-like and vulnerable, which will be important later in the narrative.

This character is the one that we have chosen to survive the events of the narrative, and therefore we have made her more conservative in order to follow the Final Girl Theory. In accordance with this, we have also made her costume slightly more masculine to suggest that she could pick up some male traits later in the narrative in order to survive. Her shirt is loose and hanging out of her skirt so that her figure is not really shown. This reflects her more moral and modest character, and coupled with the shirt sleeves rolled up portrays an element of masculinity. Her skirt is short and black to still relate to the other girls in the friendship group and the idea of school uniform. Her hair is also less styled than the other girls, showing her to be less materialistic.

This character has a short black skirt that shows her legs, and a fitted blouse to reveals her figure. However, she also has a white vest underneath her blouse and her bra is not visible, suggesting that she is a more modest character than some of the others. She is wearing a dark coloured tie that reflects the private school uniform, although it is loosely done up with some shirt buttons undone to show a more laid back attitude. The white vest and tie could suggest that she is more willing to follow the school dress code than the others, who have all taken off their ties to emphasise that they are leaving the school and also do not respect it.

- Rhiannon and Emily 

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