Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Fourth Kind Poster Deconstruction 1

      We decided to analyse the posters for 'The Fourth Kind', as although it is linked more with aliens than possession, there are elements that could apply to our narrative.

      The background image is consistent through the platforms, as it is the same image that is used on the  website . The image shows a bedroom that appears normal with a man in average pyjamas, but the expected mise en scene is contrasted by the fact that the man is floating above his bed. This clearly shows the genre to be unnatural. There is light shining through the window supporting the idea of alien abduction. The positioning of the poster puts the man in the centre of the image, so that he is the focus. The audience is therefore forced to accept the event, as the characters in the film will probably have to. The positioning also puts the man's head out of shot, creating a sense of anonymity and suggesting that the events could happen to anyone. The colour scheme of blue and black is continued on the website, casting an ominous tone and following the colours that are often linked with alien themed films.
      The title couples with the tagline to give information about the basis of the narrative, starting to create expectations about what will happen. This is likely to make the viewers of the poster want to see the film to see whether their expectations are correct. The tagline gives background information about the theme of the film, putting the title in context so that the audience are more informed. This makes them more likely to invest interest in the narrative. The text is coloured to stand out against the dark background. The tagline is blue while the title and information underneath are glowing white, both supporting the supernatural theme. Underneath the title, it is stated that the film is 'based on the actual case studies'. This links to the film's likelihood to become more interesting if events really happened because the audience will want to know what is really possible. The production information and rating of the film are at the base of the poster, with an internet site that applies to current demographics to broaden the audience as much as possible.

Through examining the posters of 'The Fourth Kind', we have decided that we need to include a character in our poster to personalise it more for the audience. Although 'The Fourth Kind' shows the entire body, we have decided that our poster will most likely focus on the face to make it more intense and involve the audience more directly. This poster emphasises the importance of colour schemes within posters also, due to the clear alien theme being put across by the blue and black employed. We will therefore make sure that the colour scheme properly reflects our genre of film. 


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