Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Institutional Idents

We have examined some well known institutional idents for our teaser trailer. Some, such as Paramount and Universal, have been known to release successful horror films (such as Hannibal and The Unborn respectively), but they are more commonly linked with either family films, dramas or romantic comedies. Their images reflect this as they are positive instead of threatening images. Therefore, we have decided not to include these idents as we would like the audience of our teaser trailer to instantly associate the idents shown with the horror genre. This has led us to research production companies more commonly linked with the horror genre, as well as those that created some of the films we have deconstructed in our research.

Dark Castle
The design of this logo reflects that the production company is well known for horror films, with the silhouette of an ominous castle and red stains that are reminiscent of blood. The ident itself also reflects this with a zooming out shot of a gargoyle on the front of a castle in a lightning storm, referring to gothic stereotypes such as that of isolated large buildings, night and shadows, and this acts to firmly place the idea of horror in the viewer's mind. This production company have released many successful and well known films of the horror or psychological thriller genres. Examples of this are  'Thir13en Ghosts' ,  'House of Wax'  and  'The Reaping' .

Screen Gems
The ident of Screen Gems is quite plain and does not reveal very much in terms of what the genre of the film will be, unlike Dark Castle above. However the image has been tinted in the past to suggest something of what will occur. The production company have been involved in films such as  'Prom Night'  and  'When A Stranger Calls' , both of which are based around teenagers. This would therefore suit our teaser trailer as our narrative focuses on a group of teenage girls. The production company were also involved in the creation of  'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' , a film that we have examined for research and inspiration. It would suit our teaser trailer for this reason also therefore, as the company has previously created films of a similar possessive genre.

Lions Gate Entertainment
Lions Gate Entertainment uses a variety of different idents for their films, changing the image shown to reflect the genre of the film. The ident can suggest a horror genre when the clouds are tainted red, as is shown. The company is well known, but is not specifically a horror production company due to the multitude of genres that it deals with. Some successful horror franchises produced by it are the  'Saw'  and  'Hostel'  films. Although these are focused more on the slasher sub-genre of horror, Lions Gate has also produced  'The Last Exorcism' , a film that we considered for inspiration. This could therefore be an effective ident for us as they have previously created films of a similar genre to us.

Twisted Pictures
The Twisted Pictures ident supports its common involvement in the horror genre, as it uses a knife or dagger, and barbed wire that wraps around the text. This immediately links to violence, which is a key component in the horror genre. Twisted Pictures is an independent production company, and is therefore not as well known as some others. It is usually coupled with other production companies such as Lions Gate (when creating the Saw franchise), but has nevertheless been successful. This ident could be used in our teaser trailer when paired with another more well known company, but it has not created many films of the possessive genre and therefore may not be as appropriate as others.

Gold Circle
Gold Circle Films has a basic ident of a golden ring. This is probably due to the fact that it is an independent production company that has not created a huge number of films. However, it does specialise in the horror and romance genres so could be relevant to our teaser trailer. It was also involved in the production of  'The Fourth Kind' , a film that we have looked at for inspiration due to its genre of the supernatural, closely linked to our possessive genre.  They also produced  'The Haunting in Connecticut' , another successful film that is linked to our genre. Therefore this could suit our teaser trailer.

After finishing this research,we decided to use Twisted Pictures and Dark Castle idents in our teaser trailer.


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