Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Evaluation Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

With the help of a questionnaire we created on SurveyMonkey asking our audience about the codes and conventions of a possesive/supernatural horror film, our narrative and what you would usually see in a film trailer, we were able to use our audience's answers to help complete our final trailer. We recieved a positive response, and found many comments that we felt would help improve our trailer before submitting the final draft. Here are the results:

*75% of our audience are female
*87% of our audience are ages 15-18
*When asked what the main feautures of a possessive/supernatural film were, the main responses were ghosts, spirits, death and possession of the main characters, mystery/suspense
*When asked if the creature haunting the characters should be seen, 95% of people said no, saying that it would ruin the suspense as the fear of the unknown was important.
*When asked what locations would be used in a supernatural/possessive film, the main responses were the home of one of the characters, churches, abandoned houses, graveyards, and hospitals.

From this we could see what the audience wanted and what they didn't want; many films use focus groups, showing a small audience the film so that they can say what they like about it or what can be improved before the film is actually released, so that it can potentially be re-edited. It is important that their comments are listened to lists so that film makers, or us with our trailer, can ensure that the film/trailer appeals to the target audience decided, as they will be the ones to watch the final product.  

We learnt how to how to define our target demographic through questions on age, gender and ideas of narrative, and through research into demographics of films of a similar genre or narrative to ours, such as the ones we have deconstructed. This has helped us to define our target audience, which will be male and females aged 15-25, with the film's certificate being 15.

We felt that the characters would appeal to both genders; the males would be attracted to the girls, whilst the female audience would either admire the girls, or resent them if they cannot relate to them. This is supported by evolutionary research into mate selection; men will choose the women who are young, slim and physically attractive as they percieve them to be the perfect 'mate'. Women will be jealous of other females because they are competing for the attention of the males, and if they have those qualities that appeal to men. The girls in our trailer are typical of the 'perfect mate' in modern western society and film - young, average size 8/10, physically attractive, sexually attractive (seen through their clothing, and the way they walk/present themeselves), long hair and typically white.

Our female audience may also resent the girls because we have presented them as unattainable in their beauty and confidence, as many films do make their main female characters, but it is important that they do dislike them as it means they will feel less sympathy for the girls when they are killed.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have also been useful for recieving feedback from the audience on our trailer and our anxillary tasks, our poster and our webpage.

 On Facebook and Twitter we have set up pages for 'fans', so that we can share the creative process with people we know, as well as others who might follow us if people share the page on their own walls.

By posting our trailer, webpage and poster on Facebook we have managed to collect many comments which have been used to improve our coursework tasks, as it is important that the audience can give feedback that we take into account, otherwise there would be little point in asking for the feedback in the first place. All comments from our audience have been very useful and positive:

By creating a channel on YouTube to share our teaser trailer, test shots and behind-the-scenes videos has also helped to create a connection between ourselves and the audience, as they can see the creative process behind our trailer, as well as see the trailer itself, and they can comment here too:

It also means we can share the information more easily to other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger for the rest of our audience to see, meaning it is easy to comment on a variety of internet sites.

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