Thursday, 12 April 2012

Audience Feedback Further Ideas

Audience feedback led to the suggestions that we swap some shots around in our fast paced second half of the trailer, and find a different first sound track.

The first suggestion was that the final shot of Emma before the title, in which she has horror make up  inspired by horror make up research covering her face, should be swapped with the shot of Zoe's head twitching and convulsing. The reason for this suggestion is that it would create a more final impression of the trailer as a whole. It would also end the trailer with a very eerie shot so that it remained in the audience's mind.
We found this suggestion very useful and were pleased with the effect that the swapped shots created. We had the choice of using the shot of Emma to make it appear eerie, or using a more sudden shot to end the trailer on a more shocking note. We decided that we preferred the eerie and unsettling ending created by the use of the above shot of Emma smiling at the mirror, so used this as our final shot. We also incorporated fading out whispers to add to the tone. 

The second suggestion was that we should change the first piece of music. This was suggested because it was said to sound too similar to the second piece of music and the change in tone through the music should be more noticeable. However, we decided not to change the music. This is because we did conduct a search of other R'n'B and Pop music, but were unable to find another piece of music that we felt was appropriate for our piece. We also decided to keep the original piece of music because the majority of our audience feedback claimed that they liked the music. Although this does go against the suggestions of our teacher, we thought that we should follow the feedback of our audience in general in order to produce a product that was as successful and popular as possible.


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