Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Evaluation Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

We worked to make the combination of our main product and ancillary texts effective by ensuring that they each supported the genre of the film. We did this by using consistent themes within the tasks, such as darkness. We use elements of darkness in our teaser trailer through shadowing and low level lighting, as can be seen in the following exert, and followed this theme in the poster (which can be seen below) and website  by including black backgrounds. These all support each other by connoting the mystery and threat we wanted to suggest in the teaser trailer, and therefore creating a more intense feeling of tension through other platforms. The tasks also support one another through the use of the colour motifs.

Our research  of posters found that the colours of red and white are common among horror films, so we used this in contrast to the black background. These act to stand out against the background as well as connoting blood and the struggle between good and evil that occurs during the events of the film. 

We used the same font of Sell Your Soul for the  teaser trailer and poster , and used a similar looking font of OptimusPrincePS for the webpage due to the inability to insert new fonts into the software. The fonts appear simple but gothic, continuing the gothic theme created across the three tasks.

We also created a sense of continuity through the three tasks by focussing on one main image of a girl with Ouija board symbols on her face. This is based on a shot in the teaser trailer in which the girl is seen with her face covered in markings, which is itself based on other media texts that use the same idea in order to show possession. This image is one of the pivotal moments of the trailer as it shows a manifestation of the spirit for the first time instead of just the victims, so we used this idea as the key image for the ancillary texts. We carried out a  photo shoot  of the actor with the horror make up, and  edited it  in order to make it appear more intense and memorable. The finished image was used in the webpage and poster to give the viewer a physical image of the antagonistic spirit, so that it appears more realistic and therefore scarier.The use of one iconic image is also a convention of horror films, such as that of  'Orphan' , as accessed here, so by adhering to this we are emphasising the genre of the film.

The combination of the three tasks is also effective due to the inclusion of conventions in each, such as institutional idents and the tagline , as these make the products appear more realistic and when combined make the project more professional in terms of appearance. This would act to interest audiences more as they trust that the film has been created 
effectively. In terms of attraction, our tasks also appeal to different demographics in order to broaden our audience through the different mediums. For example, as well as appealing through the main teaser trailer that would be shown in cinemas or on television, the webpage will attract regular online users while the poster could be placed in other advertising areas such as bus stops or billboards in order to interest audiences when they are in public. We considered the different options of advertising.

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