Monday, 10 October 2011


Research of other films has shown the importance of supporting the title and main theme through the tagline. It can also be used to hint at the events of the film, although a sense of mystery is created by not giving too much away. Some taglines that we considered in terms of the title and theme of the film are shown below:

These film taglines were viewed on the film posters, which were accessed on

Our tagline refers to our title decision of 'Penance', as was shown in a previous post. Our tagline is 'We Must All Pay A Price', tying into the theme of religion and paying penance. The use of the word 'We' acts to include the audience in the events of the film, implying some form of threat to their safety and therefore inciting more interest in the events of the narrative. The 'price' that must be paid is not revealed, creating the question of what must be sacrificed in order to be forgiven and continuing to build intrigue.


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