Thursday, 6 October 2011

Title ideas (Penance is circled in black)

This mind map shows all our ideas for titles for our film. We started off by thinking of themes that related to our narrative, ie schoolreligion and the main feature of ouija boards. Then we decided that we wanted a religious word, as many supernatural films do relate to religion and sins. The first words suggested were sins, redemption and revenge, although none of these seemed to fit our film, so we started looking more deeply into the background story of our film. Previously we'd decided that we wanted the demon that haunts the main characters to be a girl who had lived in the house before, but had committed suicide after being bullied by girls similiar to those in our story. This led us to ideas surrounding punishment and payback, and eventually we got penance, which is a religious term for repenting your sins in order to seek forgiveness from God. We felt this would be a perfect title as the girl who haunts the others wants them to see what they've done wrong in life and how they will be punished for it.

- Rhiannon

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