Monday, 10 October 2011

Shot Inspirations

Drag Me To Hell - Seance Scene

Use of candles to create mysterious atmosphere and reflect supernatural element.

Those that have been possessed change their appearance, often given strange eyes and perhaps skin colour. Close ups emphasise this change.

Midshots of people around table as they look at  the possessed person – also showing background to show room that they are in. Often decorative and old fashioned to show the old magic being used.

Over the shoulder shots to emphasise reactions of people to the possessed person, showing vulnerability and fear.

Strange events occur while possessed and other people panic. Cause dismay and confusion.

Haunting In Conneticut - Seance Scene 

Two shot over the shoulder of other people at séance, showing people around table and possibly creating a sense of paranoia or tension. Very low level lighting creates ominous tone and uncertainty.

Midshot of person as they become possessed, focussed on them showing their vulnerability and how they were singled out by spirit.

Midshot of other man intensely watching, ominous and worried for boy’s character.

Close up of possessed boy as he writhes and drools, showing harsh possession – showing him to no longer be human while making audience uncomfortable with such a close shot.

Shot from other side of table between other people as he collapses onto table. Fear for him in case he is dead, although no one at table moves.  He is the main thing lit showing importance.

Dark lighting or candle lighting would be useful in trailer during Ouija board use, as it would create tension and reflect the dark magic that they are playing with. Panning shots from behind the girls looking at the girls on the other side of the table would be useful to see all of their expressions and reactions while also seeming quite confined. Close ups of the girl that gets possessed would be effective as they would show the effect of the spirit and make audiences uncomfortable.
Grey's Anatomy - Choking Scene (0:32 - 1:05)

Calm atmosphere as character lies in bed. No non-diegetic sound and only diegetic sound is the ceiling fan as it slowly revolves. Everything winds down slowly to a stop, reflected by slow fade to black as he falls asleep.

Sudden cut to juddery handheld camera on close up of woman choking and gasping – sudden cut and sudden close up are shocking and create fear for her character. No non-diegetic noises and only diegetic noise is her choking and struggling. Other mid shots show her struggling and flailing. Shot of the sideboard pans to show her on bed with man on top of her choking her.
Would be useful to create sudden tension in audience for trailer. Have a slow scene where everything seems fine, then fade to black and suddenly cut back to close up of girl being possessed while others panic. The silence except for diegetic choking and screaming would also be very effective.


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