Sunday, 29 January 2012


As was discussed in earlier posts about sound , we are mainly using two pieces of non-diegetic music in our teaser trailer. Having chosen the two pieces of music that we will use, club music for the first half and industrial music for the second half , we have edited the pieces of music.

We edited some of the club music in order to create a distorted effect for a party scene we are creating. This is effective in showing their drunken state and reflecting the lack of control that they have over their actions. We did this using Garageband, before importing the music into iMovie using iTunes. This effect was useful because it created the atmosphere of a party that we were aiming for while also keeping a consistent theme through the music, as it is the same music used in the earlier scenes of the trailer. The distorted sound works with the fade effects used on the shots (added using iMovie) to slightly disorientate the audience and make the fast paced events more difficult to follow, therefore reflecting the party and distortion created through alcohol. The sound and effects used in the party scene are inspired by a party scene in Skins .

Between the two pieces of music, we are working with the idea of silence with added sound effects instead of music. We have experimented with edited whispers (recorded and edited using Garageband), in order to create a supernatural and eerie atmosphere. This couples with shots of the ouija board and longer shots to contrast with the previously fast paced editing to show the scene to be pivotal to the narrative. Another sound effect that we are using is a reversed recording of a girl laughing. This is high pitched and adds to the uneasy feeling due to the unnatural sound, while also creating the idea of some kind of entity watching and taking part in the events. It could create the idea of a child, which has become a common theme within horror films, such as 'The Unborn' . This creates further unease. Towards the end of the trailer we have also incorporated a reversed recording of plates being moved and banged together, as this has made an effective unnatural effect.

The second piece of music used has not been edited, although we are continuing to use the aforementioned sound effects in combination with the music in order to create a more intense piece of footage. We are also using boom effects to emphasise thuds in the music. As the music fades away at the end of the trailer we are going to use the sound effects to create an eerie finish to the trailer so that it is more likely to remain in the audience's mind.


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