Thursday, 1 December 2011

Target Audience

Our target audience is quite broad. Although there is the option to aim our film at a niche demographic, we decided that we would aim to gain a wider range of audiences.
The age range of our target audience is 15-25, although we expect that some older demographics may be drawn to the sexualised characters, as is referred to in our school girl costume post . However, teens and young adults may be more drawn to the subject matter as they will identify with the similarly aged characters and their actions, such as listening to club music and going to parties.
Our film will appeal to both males and females. Males may be drawn to the attractive girls and the inclusion of violence and supernatural elements. Females may be more drawn to the characters in that they seem aspirational through appearing fashionable. However, it is also likely that females may be drawn to the film through the idea of justice being served to the immoral characters as was referenced in a theory post .

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