Friday, 30 September 2011

The Grudge 2 Webpage Deconstruction

       The first section of the web page uses a large image of DVD cover as background. This is a pale white face with wide red-tinged eyes, looking directly out at audience, directly involving them in the image and creating curiousity. This could also increase the fear from audiences. The face is covered in strands of black that look like hair, playing into a key theme of the movie narrative while also suggesting some kind of paranoia or imprisonment due to the placement on the face. This could suggest, along with the wide open eyes, that the black is some form evil force and the face is a victim, increasing curiousity for the narrative.
       The black hair blends into the silhouettes of tree branches at the bottom of the image, suggesting a mystery or supernatural element to the film while also implying some kind of isolation from civilisation. This isolation is also shown by the house in the bottom corner of the image, with nothing but the tree and face surrounding it. This isolation could suggest a lack of safety or again emphasise imprisonment. The inclusion of the house shows its importance to the narrative, although the face is the largest image of the page showing it to be the most crucial factor of the narrative. The side of the page has options to buy two different versions of the movie, broadening audiences depending on people's preferences.
There is information about the rating of the film at the bottom of the image, as well as production information. The title of the movie is the largest text, at the top of the page. It uses capital letters and a blunt font to perhaps show the harsh nature of the movie and make it clear what the page is for.
       There are options along the toolbar to buy the DVD, read about the movie, see special features, see clips, download content and go to the home page of the webpage. This is easily navigated and caters to the different interests of possible audiences, giving extra information in order to pull in more people. The colour scheme of the page is grey and red, with most of the image grey except the red eyes. This supports the supernatural element of the movie and also makes them more shocking. All of the important text is red, bringing connotations of blood and anger and supporting the genre of the film.
        There is a red button to Enter The Site, which leads to a background of a close up of a book, covered in Japanese symbols, relating to the original language of the movie franchise. As the page loads, an illustration of black hair slowly descends over the book, again linking to an important part of the narrative. As it loads, slow unsettling music plays which supports the supernatural subgenre of the horror.
 Once the page has loaded, a series of grainy shots from the film are shown in quick succession, building tension and creating interest in order to broaden audiences. The shots reveal some of the main characters of the movie and the heavy supernatural tone. The final shot from the film shows a house, probably the same house that was shown on the earlier page, and this becomes a sharper focused background.

       The shot of the house is dark with lots of shadows, creating an ominous tone, which is aided by the apparent decay of the building. It doesn't look welcoming, as the gate is chained shut and the building appears to be made of stone, suggesting that it could be a prison or confining space. There are more Japanese symbols along the image, which change to english sections when hovered over by the mouse. These are the same sections as on the original page. The title of the movie with an option to buy the DVD are in the same space that they were in on the previous page, keeping the constant suggestion of purchase in the audience's mind. The production and rating information is at the bottom of the page again.


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